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Bryan Sellers: "CTMP Is All About Passion and Commitment"

Tudor Championship Is a Weekend of Canadian Speed and Racing Fanatics

Bryan Sellers loves passion and commitment surrounding CTMP. Image courtesy of PCNA
BOWMANVILLE, Ontario, Canada, July 7, 2014 - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP) can be summed-up in two words: passion and commitment. One of the fastest road courses in the world, the Bowmanville, Ontario track has been known for decades as demanding the two attributes to succeed. The same can be said for its fans, some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable in the sport. For Bryan Sellers, the July 13 Mobil 1 SportsCar Grand Prix at CTMP is a non-stop, high-energy blur in and out of the No. 17 Team Falken Tire Porsche 911 RSR he shares with Wolf Henzler (Germany). The Sunday afternoon race is among the favorite stops on the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship circuit and seldom fails to provide the unexpected.

The 2.459-mile road course is cut out of the Canadian countryside north of Toronto and has always been about speed. While safety and amenity changes have kept the track current in the years since its founding, it continues to be a legacy of previous great eras of road racing. While not near the overall track length of Road America or the Circuit of the Americas at which the Tudor Championship will compete on later in the year, its fast corners and elevation changes generate some of the highest average speeds that the GT Le Mans (GTLM) cars, like Sellers' Porsche 911 RSR, will compete on. Each corner demands full commitment, there are no "take a breath and relax" turns among the 10 that make-up the layout of CTMP.

Despite the danger that comes with the speed, or perhaps because of it, the track draws passion from the drivers and teams that compete here. It is considered among the most challenging tracks but that creates a desire to "beat" the circuit, one corner, one lap and one race at a time. Nothing is taken for granted.

That level of commitment and passion carries over to the fan base as well. The two-hour, 45-minute multi-class race draws spectator support not only from all over Canada but it is a destination event for motorsport fans the world-over. The opportunity to witness, firsthand, drivers in the fastest GT machines in the world, battle the track is hard to turndown. The fans that come to the track recognize the skill and the commitment of the drivers and they pay that back with unequalled appreciation and knowledge of the sport. Saturday afternoon's autograph session and Sunday's fan grid walk will be among the most crowded of the season.

The Mobil 1 SportsCar Grand Prix can be seen live on FOX Sports 1 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, July 13. The Motor Racing Network (MRN) will carry the race live on its network of stations. Sunday's race will also have live timing and scoring available at Live streaming of the qualifying show is available on the IMSA web site beginning at 5:20 p.m. ET on Saturday, July 12.


On what it takes to succeed at CTMP: "It is rare to get a high-speed track that is also technical. However, CTMP is one of those tracks. You have to be fast and you also have to have good car placement. It is one of a kind! I am looking forward to get the Team Falken Tire Porsche onto the track and face the challenge."

Bryan Sellers. Image courtesy of PCNA.
On his approach to CTMP: "This is a racetrack that takes quite a bit of time to get back up to speed. The difficulty of the circuit is high along with the level of commitment needed to be fast. You have to mentally prepare yourself for the speed and risk level of the circuit by running through all your past experiences. I think everything eventually matches mentally and physically, you just have to not be in a rush to get there."

On the fans of CTMP: "The fans here have such a rich history in motorsports. This is our only stop in Canada and they make sure they come out in full force to support the Tudor Championship. The fans are so great that I wish we could come more than once a year with the Falken Tire Porsche. They are educated on our sport and love coming to the race. As a driver, it's exciting to race in front of these Canadian fans and to try and impress them with a great race. That isn't easy. They have seen a lot of great racing over the years here."

On the most challenging turn: "Turn two is probably the most famous corner, and for good reason. It is a corner like no other. It takes full commitment and demands all of your attention. It is extremely fast and line sensitive making it so difficult. You have to take a deep breath before turn two every time you approach it."

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